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"Maggie is amazing, all through the pandemic I kept injuring my back trying to start exercising again, but Maggie worked with my previous back injuries and tailored a program that has helped strengthen my back. Not once have I had any issues with injury or stress on my old injuries. She’s also been helping me get in shape again for my wedding, and she is encouraging, flexible, and has helped me slowly and steadily get back into the best shape that I can be. She treats it like a marathon, not a sprint, and has helped me develop a routine that will last long after my wedding is over. I can’t recommend her enough."


"In addition to being a wonderful human being Maggie takes the time to understand your goals and helps you achieve them. I have been working with Maggie for a year now - she understands my limitations and finds creative ways to make me sweat. While I miss our in-person training sessions, training with Maggie has me laughing though sets of squats, push-ups and everything in between. Maggie is always on time, flexible with scheduling and very responsive. If I could give her a million starts out of 5 I would!"


"Maggie is an amazing trainer and person. I've been lucky to work with her for around a year and a half now and I've reached my weight loss goals and feel great. If you're hesitating over whether or not to hire a trainer hire her ASAP. She will develop a personalized plan for your body and she will make you feel good about yourself. I think in the beginning hiring a trainer can be kind of intimidating but Maggie is so kind and fun she makes you feel like you've just been chatting with a friend during your session--then all of a sudden you've finished. Don't get me wrong she can be super tough especially if you ask her for that but either way she will make your session pleasant. Also Maggie isn't just a trainer, she's a teacher. I've learned so much about weightlifting and circuit training that when I don't see Maggie I can continue doing similar routines on my own or even make things up on my own. So really what you're investing in is not just a short term thing--it's a long term understanding of health and fitness. She will also help you with your eating goals too. She's the best."


"I have been working with Maggie for close to a year now. In the time I've worked with her, I not only met all my goals - but have blown past them with her training plans and her encouragement. She has helped me stay accountable for my fitness not only in the gym but outside as well. Her fun and encouraging personality has been a big part of why I look forward to coming in to work out. She is an extremely fun person to be around and has made my fitness journey an enjoyable one. I have never felt stronger and healthier and I attribute that all to Maggie. She is a rockstar and has my highest recommendation!"


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